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Number 1: Sternum and Clavicle Bones

My first sketch of the year, (!) although technically it’s still December 31. But that’s OK.

I love the sternum. It’s such a strong feature of our anatomy, right out in front like a piece of armor protecting our hearts. I remember a classmate once saying that her coach told the players, “Keep your sternums up!” as a way to encourage posture that demonstrates pride and self-respect.


It reminds me of a bird, perhaps an owl. Clavicle bones are so graceful, like handlebars on a bicycle.


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The Feeling of Power*

I’ve never had a blog before. Not that I haven’t had much to say. I’ve just never figured out which part of my life to focus on. The feeling of power is quite heady.
As I get ready to begin the new year, the adage, “Never a day without a line” comes to mind. Horace, the ancient Roman poet, is credited with that admonition. (He’s the Carpe Diem guy, too.) He was most likely talking about writing. But the same idea can apply to art making. Every day, make a mark, any mark. But get something on the page.
 This is mostly an exercise for me to get myself to sketch every day and to publish a few sketches for interested friends.
 If I connect with other artists or other people who would like to engage their creative selves more fully, hooray! I am always up for meeting more kindred spirits. Artists need each other.
Peace in the new year.
– Ula
*This is also the title of an excellent short story by Isaac Asimov.

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