Revolution Number 9*: Scapula Study

This is a brief study that focuses on the position of the left scapula bone and the way the femur fits into the pelvis. But I particularly love scapula bones.  These wing-like beauties are  favorites for me because of the way they move. They can completely change the landscape of a person’s back, depending on what movements the person is making.
“Depending on the placement of the arms, the scapula will tilt, roll forward on the ribcage, move toward the spinal column, or move upward or downward.” –Classic Human Anatomy
What other bone does that? Go, scapulae!

Scapula Study

This study was drawn from a book entitled Drawing the Living Figure by Joseph Sheppard, (see Resources.)
*The title of this post refers to a  Beatles’ song, which was recorded as part of The White Album. During my Beatle-mania days, (for me, this obession happened in the early ’90s,) I bought The White Album on cassette. That song scared me so much, I used a piece of tape on the cassette holes to record “Octopus’ Garden” over it. Nowadays, I can honor the song for the true revolution in music that it was. (I still don’t like listening to it, though.)

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