Number 81: Ancient Mexican Mother and Child

I went to a fabulous exhibit of ancient American art today. This was one of my favorite sculptures. I drew it from a photograph on the museum’s web site. The piece depicts a mother, proudly holding her son.

Many things are different in our contemporary American culture from the ancient American civilizations. Fortunately, we don’t practice human sacrifice. But some core values remain, as this sculpture attests.

This piece is exquisite, but I was incorrect in assuming that it would be easy to draw. It is deceptively complex. I may develop this sketch further, but this is it for now.


As Time Goes By

Here’s the information on the original: Anonymous (Mexican), Mother and Child, 100 B.C.–A.D. 200, earthenware, white slip with black and red paint, 37.2 × 30.9 × 23.2 cm, The Walters Art Museum,  gift of John G. Bourne, 2009



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