I’m a figurative sculptor who loves the human body and feeling clay in the creases of my palms. I’m a mom to a busy three-year-old, partner to a gentle soul and art teacher to a squad of wonderful, spirited Middle School students. I also love to write and am working on a very silly book for a young adult audience. In an effort to nudge myself toward daily sketching, I started this little blog.

Juggling a lot of balls, wearing a lot of hats: most of us are under considerable pressure to keep all the balls in the air, to make ends meet, to keep everything together. In all the hubbub, chaos and wonder of everyday life, between all the demands of work and family, what’s an artist to do? I’m going to try to sketch every day, that’s what. Not masterpieces, (mistresspieces?) not finished drawings. Just a doodle. No pressure. No harsh criticism. Just making marks. Just allowing myself a few minutes to get my daily dose of doodling.

By the way, I often sketch, paint and sculpt the nude figure. I see this as both a celebration of the astounding beauty inherent in the human body, as well as a practical strategy for getting to better know its mechanisms and forms.


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